About the Armor Guard Solutions

The Armor Guard Solutions was developed to minimize the threat of Copper Wire Theft in city municipalities and the power utility industry. 

As the price of copper has increased, there has been an increase in the number of Traffic, Street Light and Power Service boxes that have been broken into with the removal and theft of the wire within, for the value of the copper. The cost of replacing the wire and repairing the equipment illegally removed, far exceeds the value of the wire that is stolen; however, there is no way for cities or utility companies to protect these numerous and remote installations. The concrete Traffic, Street Light, and Power utility boxes used for distribution locations have to be accessible to maintenance personnel responsible for modifications and or additions of new service features. The boxes cannot be permanently sealed. Removal of the cover plate used to cover these utility boxes must be limited to authorized personnel and the unauthorized removal of the cover plate must be made so costly to those seeking illegal entry as to discourage those who might be tempted to break into a distribution box.  

The Armor Guard Lockable Traffic Box solution adapts to the current utility pull box ( Traffic, Street Light, Communication and Power Service ) and saves your current infrastructure. The Patent Pending 1/2 inch steel cover plate and locking system attaches to the existing utility box. The highly secure bolts lock-down the cover plate and prevent illegal entry of the utility boxes. The cost of installing a new utility box, repairing sidewalk panels and labor far exceeds the cost of upgrading to the Armor Guard Solution.